OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu learning environment

OnEdu – Finland's choice for the modern learning environment

The OnEdu learning environment by Mobie Oy has been developed in co-operation with 100 Finnish schools between 2013 and 2014. The exceptionally large development team consists of 2,400 teachers and 35,000 students. Every attempt has been made to take into account future standards for user management, keeping scholarly records and analysing progress. In addition, OnEdu is the only learning environment which has been developed from the ground up to work on all mobile devices and which includes its own integrated learning materials production platform and distribution channel. This ensures the materials will work and be always available regardless of the devices used at the school or by the students themselves (BYOD).

Learning materials

All learning materials are provided in HTML5 format for maximum compatibility, and they can be printed on paper or read in offline mode without an internet connection.

Exercises and exams

The OnEdu learning materials include a number of different learning paths as well as a large selection of exercises and tests that can be edited freely.


Students can self-assess their exercises and compare their results with a student group’s average. Teachers can follow up on and analyse a group’s exercise and exam results.

Built-in social media

Use the system’s internal social media module to encourage social interaction and discussions. Teachers have the option of awarding extra points for social media activity.


The OnEdu learning environment can be used on all devices.

Secure cloud service

The OnEdu learning environment is a highly secure domestic cloud service. The system meets the highest information security demands.

Single sign-on

User management includes APIs for integration with systems that are widely used at schools. Use AD or Azure AD for single sign-on.

Easy to use

The OnEdu learning environment is fully featured yet easy to learn and use. It is based on WordPress, the most widely used content management system in the world.

Editable learning materials

A large number of course materials with multiple learning paths and a selection of exercises and exams. Learning material providers include e-Oppi Oy.

Support for all exercise types

The system includes support for all possible types of exercises. Choose from multiple choice, gap fill, unscrambling sentences, matching parts of the answer, evaluation tasks, free text fields, and homework assignments.

Exercise assessments

Automatic checking of correct answers for exercises, automatic scoring, summary course grades. Students can assess their own scores and progress and compare their results to the group average. (xAPI)

Multiple learning paths

Build different adaptive learning paths based on the students’ initial level test results, exam results, or exercise scores that are divided into different categories.

Interactive discussions

Equipped with a built-in social media module which facilitates interactive discussions of topics related to ongoing courses. Includes group discussions as well as private messaging.

Learning stimulation

Electronic achievement badges stimulate the learning experience. Printed course completion certificates are also available. Student badges are Mozilla Open Badge compatible.

Supports all devices

The OnEdu learning environment is designed from the ground up to work an all devices regardless of operating system or screen size.