Kuopion Klassillinen lukio, also known as Klassikka, is the very first partner to have participated in the OnEdu development project. The upper secondary school has been actively involved in developing the learning environment since 2012. Because of this, the upper secondary school has all of the OnEdu cloud service modules at its disposal.

These modules are used to publish content visible to everyone in the form of the school’s own website as well as newsletters to inform students and their parents of news and events at the school. The upper secondary school’s annual reports and study guides have been published online in HTML5 format using Mobie Zine right from the start (2012). Within the school, relevant day-to-day information is communicated to students and staff via info screens connected to the Mobie safety channel, which is also used for emergency communications and safety training. The staff also actively use the eOpettajainhuone teachers’ space for internal communications.

The OnEdu learning environment and subject-specific websites supplement Kurssi-TV (Course TV) and Microsoft’s Office 365 as electronic learning solutions employed by Klassika. Following the example of Klassika, all other upper secondary schools in Kuopio have decided to adopt both the OnEdu learning environment and Office 365 as a bundled solution. The OnEdu service is integrated with Office 365, and the solution implemented at this Kuopio school is based on the Microsoft Azure cloud and Active Directory login – the first of its kind in Finland.