All upper secondary schools in Lahti have been participating in the OnEdu development process since 2013 to create the OnEdu service concept. For this reason, all upper secondary schools in the city of Lahti have access to all OnEdu services including websites, the eOpettajainhuone teachers’ section, Mobie Zine publications, as well as subject-specific web pages and OnEdu learning environments.

Lahti is also the birthplace of the Mobie safety channel which can be credited to Kalle Nieminen and Esa Palkio, both of whom work for the city of Lahti upper secondary school system. While the Lahden lyseo building was undergoing renovations, the men came up with the idea of using the OnEdu system to communicate the information normally displayed on the school’s info TV screens to students’ mobile devices. The idea evolved into development work on a fully featured Mobie safety channel security and information system being put into production.