Subject-specific websites

Subject-specific websites

OnEdu subject-specific websites can be built for all the subjects taught at a school, and every subject can be configured with separate publishing and note taking space for each teacher. Thus each teacher can edit, publish and update their personal learning space with their own copies of the subject matters taught at the school. These subject-specific websites are built on the same page template as other OnEdu network services. The responsive layouts will conform to every end-user device no matter the screen size or operating system. Subject specific websites can be published as an integrated part of a school’s public website, eOpettajainhuone or the OnEdu learning environment. If desired, user management can be implemented via Wilma or Active Directory single sign-on.

A teacher’s own subject-specific area includes a fully working implementation of all course elements, including navigation, article sections and event categories. Each section has a course-specific curriculum attached to it, and the subject website also includes an HTML5 format Mobie Zine platform for making customized publications. A teacher can easily bring in content from outside (internet) sources via an RSS curating tool which accepts news wire feeds as input. In addition, keywords can be added to enhance precision. The tool will then scan news wire feeds for relevant content and automatically add it to the desired web page.

Included in the service:

  • separate websites for different subjects
  • teacher-specific sections for each subject
  • ready-to-use page templates for every course and teacher
  • navigational structure and code for each website
  • editable curriculum with teacher-specific course categories filled out for convenience
  • news article module with teacher-specific course categories filled out for convenience
  • RSS curating tool
  • subject-specific Mobie Zine publishing platform

The service is in use at more than 100 schools all around Finland. It is part of the holistic OnEdu learning and communications solutions family, but can also be ordered as a separate internet-based service. Contact us for more information

Subject-specific websites